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The Park Architectural maintenance division offers a full maintenance and refurbishment service.  This means any existing building is able to be given a new lease of life at a much more affordable cost.

We are able to carry out a full survey of existing glazing facades on buildings to identify any issues moving forward.  We can deliver full services to windows, doors and curtain walling and ensure water tightness, ease of moving parts and general health and quality checks.

The next stage is looking at on site repair and spraying of existing frame work internally and externally to give the old products a complete face lift.

There is also the option of replacing windows and doors which are beyond repair with new products by installing them into existing facades while also guaranteeing the performance of both old and new systems.

We are able to remove damaged or failed glass and replace with new.  Site apply surface applied films to existing glass which will increase solar performance or add additional security or privacy.

The options are truly endless and can be tweaked to suit any budget.

Please call our maintenance division today for more details. 


Park Architectural Glazing Parts are suppliers of : Schuco parts for glazing systems, we can offer Scheuco spare parts for repairs and maintenance of the Schuco glazing systems. Our Schuco glazing parts list is available for windows parts, curtain walling and bifold doors. For all maintenance replacement parts and, new glazing products, for architectural glazing systems, contact us today